Jesse Simpson Cymbals — SINCE 2012

Made in the Czech Republic since 2023

 Inspired by the independent work of drum and cymbal craftsmen from George Stone, Billy Gladstone and K. Zildjian Istanbul to the more contemporary Roberto Spizzichino,  Arnie Lang and Johnny Craviotto, Jesse Simpson opened up his custom cymbal shop to fulfill a need for unique sounds that he couldn’t find in mainstream contemporary cymbals.

Currently available original cymbals made from B20 blanks:

Quick note on my YouTube channel: Click the ‘Playlist’ button in the top right corner in the YouTube player to scroll through some videos of cymbals I’ve made from scratch. Hi hats are not listed in the videos because I don’t do matched pairs but there are always some in the stacks if you opt to come by in person.

The recording setup is with two Shure SM57 microphones positioned over the cymbal and no post editing to give as realistic of a sound as possible.



All original cymbals have my name engraved in the bell and the weight written in grams.

The pricing for all cymbals follow the formula of diameter x €35. A quick table of common sizes is as follows:

17: €595

18: €630

19: €665

20: €700

21: €735

22: €770

Anything listed as a half inch (i.e. 21.5) is sold as the next inch size up (22) but denoted for specific fit in a cymbal bag.

Custom cymbals, Modifications & Repairs currently unavailable.